Butyl CELLOSOLVE™ Solvent

Certificate of Analysis

Product Number           00000167359

Product Name
Butyl CELLOSOLVE™ Solvent

Delivery No. 810060927 / 000010
Order Number 106417107

Shipping Units 80.000 DR

Date Shipped 2017-03-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Shipment No. 29448760

Customer Information


Customer Name
Customer PO number
Container ID KMTU7339381

Batch Number D675H1A002

Manufacturing Date 2017-01-10 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Quantity 80.000 DR


Net Weight 15040.000 KG

Test                                             Unit           Lower      Limit      Upper     Limit      Value        Method
Butyl Cellosolve Solv                 WT%           99.0                                                    99.6             DOW 102469

Acidity                                         WT%                                          0.010                    0.002         ASTM D1613

Water                                           WT%                                           0.10                      0.02         1B-ZMETH-24.02

Color                                                                                                   10                      3               ASTM D5386

Appearance                                                                                                                  Pass            DOWM 101967

Product conforms to the following typical properties:

Specific Gravity @ 20/20 degC              0.9005-0.9040

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