BS 290

Inspection certificate EN 10204-3.1

Date of delivery                                         Delivery note

26.10.2016                                                25497670

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7400005654/                                            30.09.2016

Order No.                                                 Customer No. Fax

8213703 / 000002 / 30.09.2016              90105613             8406503766040

SILRES® BS 290                                                                date of issue: 26 102016


Material 60006506 Batch KM07992 net 800,000 kg Dateof 14.09.2016


Best use before 08.03.2018 end


Technical data Test method/Inspection condition Unit Measured value Lower limit Upper limit
Appearance PV04022 positive: turbid positive
Refractive index DIN 51423 PV04000 25°c nounit 1,4188 1,4000 1,4200
Density DIN 51757/12791 PV04036 25°c g/cm3 1,05 1,04 1,06
Viscosity Ostwald PV04165 25°c mm2/s 18 16 22


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